Instagram Stories: What You Need to Know

Netizens have been using all kinds of online social platforms to interact, socialize, and connect with the world. Instagram is also one of those photo-sharing platforms that have made internet more fun. The app has been adding new features ever since its launch & one of its best features is the “24-hour story”.

Instagram features are known to have proven advantageous for people around the world especially in the sphere of online marketing. As a result, people are doing everything they can to make their name or brand more visible to the people around the world. Various online retailers are helping them in this bid by selling views, likes and followers. Yes, we kid you not! You can actually buy Instagram story views from genuine sources to expand your reach. Today, we will throw light on how Instagram stories might work for you and how can you use them in a strategic way for marketing and spreading awareness.

How to View a Story?

Whenever someone puts a new story, it appears on a bar at the top of your feed with a colorful ring around it. You just have to tap on it to see it in full. Whatever someone has put up in the last 24 hours, will appear in order from the oldest to newest.

How to Put Up a Story?

If you want to put up your own story, tap on ‘+,’ upload a photo or video, use text or drawing if you wish, add a filter to it and go ahead. Your story will disappear after 24 hours by itself, but if you want to keep it there you can mark it as “highlighted,” after which it will remain under your profile even after 24 hours.

How to Use Hashtags and Location Stickers?

Now it’s super easy to boost your discoverability wherever you are using location stickers which let you reach out to the people of the area you’re in or even those who are not your followers. Hashtag stickers make you visible to the people with the same interests. To add a location, you just have to tap on the “sticker” button and choose “location.” For the hashtag, tap on the “hashtag” sticker and write your desired # word after taking a photo.

How to Use Quizzes and Polls?

To draw feedback or opinion, take a photo, then tap on “stickers” and choose “poll.” It will then ask you to write your question. You can customize your poll choice before posting the story. Your followers will be able to vote right away.


Beyond fun, Instagram’s story feature is an excellent way to market your brand and improve customer engagement. It not only boosts the reach of your brand but lets you be creative, in presenting your taglines or messages, which makes it easy for the audience to catch information. Realizing the potential of Instagram stories, more and more brands are now opting to buy Instagram story views from online sellers to gain an edge over their competitors.